Azurfil +
Being an exclusive sales representative since 1990 thanks to our friendly relationship with Inacsa, a Catalan company and fully active as a limited liability company since 1997 under the name of AZURFIL + we have always worked as a team.

Located in the heart of Lyon, Rhône Alpes, a major textile production region, we have extended our activity all over the territory. This national covering was achieved thanks to the trust of top range European spinners such as Radici -Bergamo (Italy) and Inacsa- Barcelona (Spain)

Our commercial and administrative presence is regular in the following textile areas : Rhône-Alpes, Paris, North-Pas de Calais, South-West, East.
This over-15-year-old sales representation has enabled us to become textile thread and fiber negociator for all fabric and knitting producers :
  • women apparel
  • silk fabrics
  • furnishing/deco
  • narrow fabric
  • technical fabrics (automotive, sport, medical...)
  • laces

These yarn consumers belong to various industrial categories. And for each of them we bring our presence and competence on a daily basis :

  • weaving (narrow fabric, small and high width)
  • warping and sizing
  • twisting/texturizing
  • circular knitting
  • flat knitting
  • warp knitting
  • braiding

Therefore, all our customer and partners can benefit from a wide range of services provided by our agency specialised in international trade and thanks to a complementary team.
Our services include:
  • professional and fast demand processing
  • regular commercial presence in all French textile key areas
  • following and supervision of technical problems and claims
  • money collection
  • logisitic supervision
  • accountancy formalities treatment (incoterms, tax representation)
  • additional marketing
Azurfil + is your negociator